5 Ads by DIY markets you need to see

Title - 5 Ads by DIY markets you need to see

Over the last years, so many boring Ads and TV commercials torture and bore the consumer to death. A refreshing exception are (strangely) the DYI markets over here in Germany. Over the last years, a lot of fresh and creative ideas came from brands of this sector. Let me show you 5 nice examples.

01. Hornbach - Gothic Girl

Gothic – Girl by Hornbach is a wonderful piece of storytelling. Small girl…outsider…bullied by their classmates. But Dad is here for the rescue. Like always for their little (dark) princesses.

02. The Hornbach sledge

The Bible says “swords to ploughshare” ….something similar had Hornbach in mind, when they bought a tank, crushed it, melted it and made sledges out of the steel. Wonderful storytelling that involves everyone in the creation process of those. No wonder that this is probably THE only social media sledge that was ever created. 

03. OBI - Make it to your project, but...

Hornbach´s commercials are really a joy to watch. And where´s something good, the ones that like to jump on the train to benefit from it. Like OBI. They took the Hornbach storytelling and enhanced it with their own style. Nice piece of ad and an hommage to the original.

04. TOOM - No nice home?

Ok…Fun-Time! How can you make someone laugh within 21 seconds? Well, TOOM had some answers to that. When even death feels sorry for your way of living….well. Have a look 😉 

05. Hornbach - Father and Son

Ok, that one is a really emotional one, and one of my all time favorites. It´s the simple storytelling of a father and a son. And even if the father has passed away, something that both build together stay on and saves some memories. I like this one actually the most cause it combines two things:

  1. This fundamental thing to build something with your own hands.
  2. The parents-kids relationship.

And it comes along not in a over-melodramtic way. But with a to-the-point question at the end, that hits everyone “What will stay on when you passed away?” 

At the end...

You can say that for whatever reason the DYI market advertising is in their variety some/many other sections/brands ahead when it comes to creativity or emotion. Why? I don´t know. May be the product itself is boring, maybe the clients there are more open minded or just the agencies have a more creative touch to this. Who knows?

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