Chill out … music for stressful days in the agency

Image - Chill out … music for stressful days in the agency

Especially on stressful days, and when I need to focus on what so ever, I try to log off from my environment. Especially when my phone and other disturbances keep me from doing what I have to do, to get things done before I need to stay all night long in the agency. So music and my noise canceling headphones are my attempt to get and stay focused.

Usually, Spotify was my preferred music source, but I found some really smooth alternative on youtube. A guy named “ChilledCow” … did some great remixes. I love to hear those because they really let me focus on my work. What I like is that he uses some animated gifs in the video that underlines the music. Not clever was that in the beginning, that he used images by Studio Ghibli without having the buyouts (stupid idea). But in some way, he managed to get things solved (with an alternative artist, what so ever). So now everyone can enjoy the mixes again. 

I put one of my favorite remixes here:

So put on your headphones and enjoy. You have some additional ways to focus or some alternative tracks I could use as well. Feel free to post them in the comments.

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