How to build brand love…an ODG masterpiece.

hyun ho and carson

By accident, I discovered a fashion label called ODG. Where? On youtube. Ok, now you can think that it´s the typical fashion videos that might only present clothes after clothes after clothes. And in the end, it´s the call to buy. Well, wrong!

ODG did some alternative approaches. And to be honest, it´s one of the best approaches I have seen since C&A with their legendary ads back in the 90s. They put their products completely in the background and just created situations that are so common and normal that you completely forget what this is all about. Taking two persons and let them stand in front of each other making them talk to each other about various common things. Sounds simple? Yes, it is…but it´s so ingeniously simple that you need to watch it. ODG did this multiple times with multiple people…but none of the combinations got so much attention than the 7 episodes of Hyun-ho&Carson…two pretty kids…that did nothing then communicate…and do things that kids do. The first episode had 52 million (!) views on youtube. 52 million! No fashion label comes to my mind that had a youtube video online with this large amount of views. You will understand when you watch it. It is a masterpiece. The setting is basic. No FX no special location, no special lighting…nothing. Just the two kids, and some translator because Hyun-Ho is Korean with a few words English, and Carson is from the US. The way they got to know each other, without the ability to talk the other language the two kids show how you can overcome cultural barriers just by gesturing with hands, feet, and a smile.

You completely forget about the brand except for the fact that it´s mentioned in the beginning (in the top right corner) and the end. But actually, you focus on the two right at the beginning.

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But what makes this ad (and it´s an ad nothing else) so special? Simplicity. In our times’ advertising seems to be loud and disturbing. We´re throwing the product right in the face of the consumer. Well, that´s the way most clients like to see advertising. But building a brand relationship is a little bit different, and a little bit more complex (maybe that´s why you have only a few brands that go for this). ODG stepped on this path and mastered it with its brand youtube channel. The videos of Hyun-Ho&Carson are very very well set up, cut, and provided. The reaction of the visitors shows that this concept pays off. Every kind of positive reaction is included from “awwweee so cute” till te prophecy of a future couple or later marriage. So overall, you can say for sure that ODG uploaded their brand massively positive only by letting 2 kids get to know each other.

What can we take as a takeaway from this? Less is more. If you want to build a brand love, focus on the center of your product, not on the product itself. We should take this kind of brand love approach more often into consideration.

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