Who is “Der Werberjunge”?


This is my blog, called “Der Werberjunge”. In English it would be translated as “the ad-boy”, but in my point of view, it sounds more “fancy” to stay with the German wording. The name could be working as well as the name of some start-up agency in Berlin. Maybe that´s why I choose it.

What is this blog about?

If you hadn´t read it so far the title it´s about 3 topics:

  • Advertising. I try to focus on the German ad scene, but honestly, I don´t give much to it staying in one country. So if I find some crazy ad from around the world. I will post it here as well.
  • Social Media. Yeah…Social Media. The “promised land” of so many wannabe consultants. I´m pretty septic about what Social Media has become. I mean, Facebook and its current struggle with leaks, data-abuse just give us a small glimpse of how data is sourced from Social Media. I don´t say that Social Media doesn´t have to power to do good things. But with great benefits, always comes the dark side. And one of the major disadvantages of Social Media is that we become completely “transparent” to companies. I mean it´s already bad enough if governments love to have a “transparent citizen”. But companies…companies are not welfare organizations. They want to make the Dollars. That´s the basic intention of companies. And the way they do it at the moment (esp. Facebook) is not quite a way that I would call “a good way”.  so I´m a little bit sensitive when it comes to this topic. And that´s why I want to make this one of the three major topics in this blog.
  • Stuff. To make it short: Stuff is all the things in regard to digital that come into my mind. Based on working experience or private.
    Why I´m writing in English?
    German blogs about German advertising are countless. English ones are not common. So, why not write in English? And most of the people in the Ad-Business speak English…so 😉

Blog Inspirations

Who´s behind “Der Werberjunge”?

Me. My name is Christian and for more than 15 years I´m now in advertising. I was involved in some pretty large projects and campaigns you might have seen. E.G. “Stop talking, start doing” or “Smarter Planet” for IBM or the redesign for Opel back in 2012. I was the lead Project Manager to create one of the largest pharma e-learning platforms in Europe and I did manage to get some growth on a well-known Italian pasta brand site. I prevent saying that these are “my” projects because I´m part of a team…and everyone has his/her role in creating such great ads and campaigns. But it was and is still a challenge to organize and keep track of such large projects, and if I did my job good (I assume I did) I can say, I was part of it….because that was and is my role. Make clients and your team happy 😉

So feel free to read my blog and leave a comment. I always appreciate constructive feedback!



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