Why Twitter is the better Facebook

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As there is no day those days where there is no new bad news coming along about Facebook and it s crisis management about handling user data, we realize more and more how valuable our personal data is, and what an impact it can have, when such data get into the wrong hands. For people that are into this kind of social media material, this doesnt come by surprise. But for “normal” people this hits like a punch in their faces. And while even Mark Zuckerberg himself had to admit that it will take quite some time to fix things with more and more settings we need to get aware to the fact that social media won t be the same again. We need to even have time to surrender our privacy to companies if we still want to participate in the world wide web, or we have to skip it or get way more sensitive about how we gonna surf the web. The way Facebook approaches the situation is in my point of view the wrong one, but maybe it s the only way they can go. Us as users we have two ways to get things better:

  1. Deal with it (bad choice)
  2. Get more and more sensitive, about where we gonna post and what kind of content

Facebook so far within the current situation not longer a good place to stay. But what else to do? Actually, one “loser” against Facebook might get the chance to regain popularity: Twitter.

Why? Here are 6 reasons why Twitter is the better place to participate on the social web:

1. It´s easier to understand privacy there

While on Facebook you have to manage a lot of settings for people and privacy, on Twitter you have only two: Show to all, and show only your followers. That s it. No big “group x for friends, no group Y for others, no group Z for everyone else. It s that simple.

The best way to explain this madness of privacy settings was given by Mike Monterio years ago. Things haven´t changed much since that time (in fact it got worse). VIMEO sadly doesn´t have this “start playing at the minute” thing…so you need to go to minute 4:45 to see the case I´m talking about.

And just to show you how things on Twitter look like. Here is everything on privacy settings according to Twitter by today:

click to zoom in

2. Educates to more focused posting

While on Facebook you can write novels about whatever you like, on Twitter you have to come to the point on what you want to say.

In my point of view, it was a mistake to enhance the max. char to above 140 characters. If you have something interesting, why not focus on the message and then put a link to it? It´s not about “bla bla bla”. Compressed information is great!

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3. Less SPAM and Fake News

When I look at my today´s timeline, most of the content displayed is useless stuff that people like to share, mixed up with advertising that is not even close to my interests.

But what annoys me way more are those shared articles. Of course, there is at least as much fake news and SPAM on the way on Twitter, but here you can simply filter it out much more elegant when you put your news sources into lists.

4. Better grouping

You are interested in what a certain group of people have to say? Put them into a list. They won’t appear on your timeline but still you can scroll through their updates in one list. No more stuff you don’t want to know all day long.

5. Best news source

If you are really into getting the latest news, Twitter is the place to be. No other platform is so fast in spreading news like on Twitter.

6. More tools to play, analyze and create content with

If you want to check out, what going on within Facebook…you normally use the website. And on mobile, you use the facebook app. More apps to create your content and to manage your accounts (e.g. Tweetdeck) or to analyse them (e.g. Tweetonomy). It simply makes way more fun to share your social stuff over here instead as on Facebook.

Sure, there are many reasons as well for staying at facebook (e.g. all your friends you want to stay in contact with are there), but in the long run and if you are getting older (and hopefully wiser), I think now it´s the best time to say “farewell” to Mark´s platform and join the 140 Char community (Ok, now there are more, but I like that picture).

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